Draft Sake (discontinued for 2024 relaunch)
March 10, 2020
Haiku 750ml
March 9, 2020

Black & Gold Well-balanced

Black & Gold is a unique product, as it blends our Traditional and Haiku sake. Like blended whiskey, our brewmaster selects the best of each fermentation to bring out the finest from both sake types. The result is a beautifully balanced tipple that is suitable for a variety of occasions and dishes.


Full-bodied with hints of honeydew, papaya, anise and roasted nuts. Well balanced, finishes long and smooth. A great sipping sake.

Product Information
  • Alc./Volume: 15.6%
  • Size: Available in 750ml
  • Class: Junmai-shu
  • Sake Meter Value: ±0
  • Service Temperature: warmed, chilled or at room temperature
  • Sulfite free

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Black & Gold

Pairing Notes

This versatile food sake complements duck, grilled chicken and pork, scallops and steamed shellfish dishes.

Pairing Notes - Grilled chicken fillet with mushrooms and oranges